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About Us

The main impact of Measure 74 was to improve the access of very sick people to medical marijuana, Oregon voters could support the initiative with enthusiasm. Should we regulate medical marijuana, or force patients to buy it on the black market? YES on Measure 74 is the compassionate choice for patients in Oregon, and the smart choice for our communities.

Measure 74 to provide:

  • Regulated supply: Qualified patients could obtain medical marijuana from regulated, nonprofit clinics like pharmacies.
  • Strict controls & accountability: Suppliers would be subject to background checks, inspections, record-keeping, auditing and zoning, and other regulations.
  • State revenues: The system will generate $3 million-$20 million per year for Oregon’s budget from taxes and fees paid by participants, much more than the cost of regulation.

Alice Ivany: What Measure 74 Means to Patients Like Me.

My name is Alice Ivany and I lost my arm in an industrial accident. For a year and a half, I suffered through debilitating pain without safe access to my medicine. I was forced into the black market, putting myself at risk of further injury and worse just to relieve my pain. It’s time to change this for Oregon patients. If Oregon passes Measure 74, we can provide safe access to medical marijuana for thousands of patients like myself. While you know why we need Measure 74, we desperately need to tell other Oregon voters why they should vote Yes on Measure 74. I just recorded this radio ad to tell my story. Can you listen to our new ad, and chip in $5 or more to help put it on the air?