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Remedy Strain

Cannabis Remedy Strain

With a reputation like Remedy, this stain sets some high expectations for its ability to appease a spread of ailments. fortuitously for shoppers, Remedy delivers, granting deep and lasting pain relief. Remedy (aka Z7) was created by medically-focused breeders CBD Crew as a cross between richly restful Cannatonic and pungent landrace descendant Afghan Skunk. This bud is notable for its relative lack of mind-altering effects — instead of tetrahydrocannabinol, it’s bred for prime concentrations of the cannabinoid CBD, that will add to medicate the body than to warp the mind. As such, Remedy may be a nice possibility for medical cannabis patients who’d like to not get “high” within the ancient sense — though some phenotypes of Remedy do have a rather higher quantitative relation of tetrahydrocannabinol. Cannabis testing research laboratory Analytical 360 has found Remedy to own between twelve-tone system to 16 PF CBD and zero.7% to a quarter tetrahydrocannabinol.

Remedy is marked by tiny to medium-sized flowers that adhere in pronounced spadelike form, tapering down from a broad broad base into a pointed tip. These buds have the dense, tightly-packed structure sometimes related to high-THC indica strains. The curling leaves are a bright shade of spring inexperienced and are twisted through with spirited yellow pistils. A coating of semitransparent amber trichomes cowl the inner and outer surfaces of those leaves, giving them a rather yellow luster.

When properly cured, Remedy provides off a woody, natural scent which will inform a number of a seasonal fire. These buds even have Associate in Nursing earthy odor almost like musk or damp soil. Grinding the flowers up or breaking them apart yields notes of pine. Despite such a chic, serious aroma, Remedy burns with a sleek and simply tasteful smoke. This smoke has Associate in Nursing earthy flavor on the exhale, increased by a touch of lemon.

Remedy’s effects set in slowly and, as a result of they’re physically therapeutic, could also be tough for a frequent smoker of additional mind-altering, recreational strains to understand. among many minutes, the user feels blanketed by relaxation. together with a capability for deep, restorative respiration, Remedy brings a dulling result to any stress, whether or not physical or mental. This sedation is blessedly freed from the fast mind race or the disorienting depersonalization which will keep company with high tetrahydrocannabinol strains. If it’s any recreational utility, Remedy is nice for a few solos moving within the comfiest potential surroundings once an extended day or week of labor.

As noted, medical treatment is Remedy’s primary application. The strain’s concentration of CBD is nice for soothing condition-specific pain, further as less serious afflictions like sore muscles or general physical tension. Meanwhile, some medication properties will watch out of everyday irritations like headaches and nausea. whereas not mind-altering intrinsically, Remedy will still work to alleviate the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety, because of its deeply embodied, restful effects. Similarly, Remedy is nice for patients World Health Organization could also be susceptible to the panic and psychosis which will keep company with some additional cerebrally stimulating strains. Remedy is additionally Associate in Nursing possibility for pain patients World Health Organization can’t or don’t wish to consume analgesics like prescription opioids.

Seeds of Remedy don’t seem to be on the market available online; those wanting to grow the strain should acquire clippings from mature, healthy plants so as to grow genetically identical “clones.” The strain will be adult inside or outdoors in an exceedingly semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. In general, CBD strains are thought-about tougher to cultivate and will not be the foremost easy alternative for a novice farmer. Some best practices for fostering CBD-rich plants embrace protective against overwatering and making certain systematically heat soil in indoor environments.

Remedy may be a nice example of what advanced cannabis breeding can give to the sector of drugs. Hopefully, the gradual unfolding of cannabis legitimation can produce more opportunities for equally therapeutic high-CBD strains.

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