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Why CBD is the Travelers best friend

If you haven’t heard about CBD yet, today is your lucky day. For those of you who do know what CBD is, I’m going to be telling you why it’s the travelers best friend. I only started using CBD a few months back and it virtually changed my life.
I felt more focused, my sinuses cleared up and I’m using it on my skin. All in all, it’s one of the best things I have ever done for my health. Nevertheless, despite the health benefits I could feel from first using it, I didn’t fully understand the medical necessity of consuming CBD every single day until I moved.

Turning up the heat!

I used to live about 3000 meters above sea level. The average temperature of about 17 degrees Celsius. It was at this altitude that I first tried CBD. I then, moved down to the Pacific where I suddenly was at sea level and with the average temperature of 35 degrees Celsius.
Obviously, a massive change and shock for my body. My defenses dropped and before I knew it…I was ill.

What got me?

A little mosquito decided to suck on my blood and gift me with a bacteria known as dengue. Yes, the horrible mosquito-transmitted disease you heard about on the news…well I got it.

The symptoms are terrible. It feels like a really bad cold where your joints hurt, you’ve got a fever and your nose is running. You’re constantly in an uncomfortable state and the best thing of all…there is no cure for it. You just have to let it run its course.

Fortunately for me…I brought some CBD with me. At first, I didn’t know what I had. I thought I was merely getting a cold. I decided to take some CBD in my coffee every morning. This helped me with my symptoms and kept me going. I had to, I was still looking for a house to rent.
Eventually, I found a new place and that’s when the bacteria took full force.

I was floored for two weeks. Low bouts of energy, fever, pain, aches…and to top it off…90% humidity in the atmosphere at 35 degrees Celsius.

How CBD Saved my life

I’m not going to say that CBD alone saved my life. I did get antibiotics and had significant help from coconut water. Coconut water is the elixir of the gods when you have dengue…trust me!

The CBD helped me sleep. It eased my aches and pains. It helped me a bit with the fever. It got me eating.
If it wasn’t for CBD in my life, I would have most probably died.

All of the mosquito bites and bug bites I acquired during my first few weeks of arriving at the Pacific I doused with CBD oil. It healed within a matter of days.

I used to love CBD when I first started using it…it wasn’t until I was bed-ridden with dengue fever that I truly understood what a medical essential this powerful cannabis compound truly is.

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